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Anna-Marie Harding is a proud Palawa woman and Director/Cinematographer currently residing and working in remote outback Australia. With a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from James Cook University and a Master's degree in Wildlife Film Production from Salford University, Anna has honed her skills and developed a strong expertise in technical camera skills, directing, editing, and production.

Throughout her career, Anna has gained extensive experience working in both the wildlife film industry and with indigenous communities, creating cultural and historical content. Her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft have earned her numerous awards, including the Silver ACS NT for Wildlife and the Gold ACS NT for Short Film.

Before pursuing a career in film production, Anna gained valuable experience as a safari guide in South Africa. During this time, she developed an in-depth knowledge of wildlife, their behaviours, and their habitats. This experience has greatly contributed to her expertise in the wildlife film industry, enabling her to capture remarkable footage and tell compelling stories. It has also helped her develop a deep understanding and respect for nature, which she incorporates into her work. Her time in South Africa has been instrumental in shaping her wildlife knowledge and skillset, making her an asset to any wildlife-related project she takes on.

Her professional background includes two years working as a community video producer at PAW Media, an Indigenous media organisation based in Yuendumu. Her contribution to these projects has been invaluable, and her passion for promoting indigenous culture and wildlife conservation has been evident in her recent participation in the ABC/Doc Society climate shorts initiative, with her short film being released in early 2023.

Presently, she is working as a Reporter/Broadcaster at CAAMA Radio helping to generate news content as well as digital content for our social media platforms. These experiences have afforded her invaluable connections and deep-rooted relationships within Indigenous communities across the Central Desert region. 

Anna is currently working at With her vast knowledge and experience, Anna aims to continue working on both wildlife and cultural projects in the future, making a significant impact on the film industry and the communities she serves.

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